Taipei Sky Tower and Song-Shou Plaza



2016 | ongoing




Antonio Citterio-Patricia Viel and partners


Grand River Development Ltd.

Taipei Sky Tower is a mixed-use, freestanding high-rise building in downtown Taipei.
It is a new landmark and lifestyle-driven destination, situated in the prime location of Xinyi District.
Scheduled for completion in 2020, the building will become Taiwan’s next-generation landmark of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. The landscape idea is the creation of a central node that integrates the different characters of the places that surround the area and represent attractive spots. The main directions are two: the first is the one that the new tower establishes with the city, north south axis, the second one is the axis east west that connects the shopping district with the City Hall. At the intersection of the two main axis the central square arises, as a new central meeting place.

Renderings courtesy of : Antonio Citterio • Patricia Viel

A place to live, a new urban area where people can relax but also attend to events and concerts. The square want to give an answer to the specific needs of the new urban location and provide a strong identity to the portion of the city that surrounds it starting from the A7 area on which the new Taipei Sky Tower is laid on.

The overall project is also linked to the urban design by the Green Belt that runs along the successive and previous lots to our project area along the SongZhi Road. To create a loved and well-used place, this should be perceived as a stylistic and compositional unity that confers the essence of the place and its identity even if it is composed of two different realities, the plateau and the Green Belt.