Our mission in landscape design.

We believe that landscape design means manage the apparent wildness of the Nature, accepting the unpredictable complexity and looking for coexistence of order and disorder, and creating a new place.
Design a landscape means think avoiding general static rules, establishing new connections looking for a new balance between nature and culture.
Every society faces nature through its own culture. We deeply love the possibility we have to interpret societies, therefore give an answer to people needs across new spaces which could encourage and inspire new behaviors.
Landscape is the home where we all live, open spaces are our gathering places where we measure our civilization’s level; working on ourselves means contribute to the sense of familiar belonging that everybody has with nature and society.
Margherita Brianza.
After the degree in Milan Politecnico, moved to Paris where attended the Ecole nationale supérieure de paysage ENSP in Versailles, with Gilles Clements, and then in Marseille. She worked several year with Charles Jencks.In 2008 founded P’ARCNOUVEAU.
Luca Manzocchi.
Graduated at Politecnico of Milan. Deals with landscape, designing of both public areas and private gardens, He cooperated with important design office in Milan.Since 2012 he is partner of P’ARCNOUVEAU.