Thermal Bath San Siro



2019 | ongoing




Studio Marzorati Architettura


Vicom srl

The landscape project has a double value: integrating the lot in the overall urban design and placing the emphasis on the architectural design and the idea of theater as a place for meditation and exhibition. The landscape is divided into three areas. The first is that of the avant-garde which establishes the true bond with the city and is a private space but with the possibility of use by the public; the internal courtyard, or the space between the built crown, is an integral part of the architecture itself; the park of the theater behind the spa which also establishes strong links with the building for its function and architectural composition.

In general, the development of the landscape project stems from a Biophilic design intent that leverages the innate feeling of attraction and contact between nature and man. Humans are biologically predisposed to seek contact with natural forms. Biophilia, literally ``love for nature``, therefore aims to strengthen, in the built environment, the instinctive bond between human beings and the natural world. Despite the fact that natural scenarios are those that people find most attractive; the growing urbanization keeps away the benefits of being close to nature. To restore the right balance, biophilic design brings materials, visions and sensations inside the places where you live and work, which recall your experience in the natural environment, stimulating positive emotional experiences. Stress reduction, increased creativity and increased well-being are some of the benefits that can be obtained.