Mortara Logistic Park







Polo Logistico di Mortara S.p.a.

P’ARCNOUVEAU ‘s design for the terminus of the new “Silk Route”, one of the most strategic place in Europe. ”The Chinese temptation and the Italian dream” as Le Monde called it. The Intermodal Terminal within the Mortara Integrated Logistics Park is the terminal of the chinese trains coming from the Far East after 10.800 Km, the new “Silk Route”. The Terminal is situated in the most strategic Italian site belonging to the Trans-European transport network. Mortara is in the cross between the Corridor Rotterdam-Genoa and the Mediterranean one that continue in the New Silk Chinese Route defining our future in terms of goods movement and economy.

We feel to be part of one of the most important challenge of this century.

For this strategic area P’ARCNOUVEAU proposes an original landscape speaking about the role that this site plays in the global economic scenario.
The big challenge is to include an amazing infrastructure in the landscape and to raise it to the prestige that this has in the contemporary age. In this project we have used rustic herbs and perennial that can easily survive in this area without a big maintenance and irrigation. We have strongly worked on the soil composition in order to create the most comfortable habitat for our landscape.