Libeskind Residential Complex





Milano, IT


Studio Libeskind


Euroambiente Srl

Our design for a garden that interprets the classical Milan courtyard.

“A priori, I would never think to create a garden like this one, but once that we have seen it we think it’s what we like more “

Chiara Asanelli, Libeskind Partner

Envisaged as a wood in the very heart of the city, this garden is an intimate room, protected by Libeskind Buildings.
The landscape is the core and the movement of soil emphasizes the uniqueness of the location.
P’ARCNOUVEAU concept is based on the idea that in a very urbanized contest it is strongly needed to find a piece of real nature.
Private gardens and herbs gardens, where the buildings are based on, take place around the core of the project. Through the ethereal foliage of the woodland, you can get a glimpse of the Libeskind work. While the language of the buildings is contemporary, the design is sensitive to the needs of the Milanese of a smooth , magic and quite intimate area. To create this core and give to the architecture the right respect and significance, the massive vegetation has been focused along the main path. The vegetation is arranged to characterize each part of the garden. Herbs take place along the loop street, trees and undergrowth in the very center of the garden, lawn and blooms face the private terraces.