Citylife public park

P’ARCNOUVEAU for  one of the biggest new park in Milan, together with Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind and Arata Isozaki.Our design use the land to create a warm, comfortable environment where people can have...
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Sense of Arrival

P’ARCNOUVEAU designs the sense of arrival for Fidenza Village Shopping Mall.Shocking colored buds  wave in the entrance parking of the shopping mall. Due to the conclusion of the third part of the mall,...
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Libeskind Residential Buildings

Our design for a garden that interprets the classical Milan courtyard.Envisaged as a wood in the very heart of the city, this garden is an intimate room, protected by  Libeskind Buildings. The landscape...
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Bulgari Hotel Moscow

Located in one of the most prestigious districts of the city, just 300 meters away from the Kremlin and the Red Square, the Bvlgari Hotel in Moscow extends over an entire urban plot....
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Trieste Verdemare

Our design for Verdemare celebrates the sea waves of Trieste waterfront. Situated at the eastern end of the Trieste waterfront, in the last ex industrial Fiat Area, the garden reminds the water movements...
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ATA Hotel Milano

P’ARCNOUVEAU ‘s design for the new business hotel in the center of Milan. A quiet and beautiful garden is thought to be the external hall that connects all the facilities  of the new business...
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Mortara Logistic Park

P’ARCNOUVEAU ‘s design for the terminus of the new “Silk Route”, one of the most strategic place in Europe. ”The Chinese temptation and the Italian dream” as Le Monde called it.The Intermodal Terminal within...
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Inside Nature

The Grandi Giardini Italiani Award  in Orticolario International competition. The temporary  installation 'INSIDE NATURE' has been made for the international competition  Orticolario 2016. In partenership with AMCasali we presented an immersive  piece of...
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Client: John McDoe

Very happy with the service. This was my first Freelancer project and they worked with me and walked me through everything. Would hire again!

Milano Fiera Walkway

An urban promenade in English style in the center of...
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Client: Jane Doe - Envato CEO

Fantastic product, my sites all run super fast and the support is excellent! Great to work with, good communications skills.